Puzzle tatami mats
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Puzzle mats

Our interlocking puzzle mats are mostly used as floor covering in many Martial Arts training facilities such as Taekwondo, Karate and Kung-fu.

They are made of heavy duty flexible foam material with improved anti-slip and waterrepellant surface. The ease of setup and transportation are the main advantages of these types of mats. We sell many different models of puzzle mats, some are thinner and more suitable for karate and taekwondo while others are thicker and are used for jujutsu and Judo.


20mm single color mats

These puzzle mats are featuring a non-slip surface. Puzzle design makes them easy to link together for a secure fit, plus they are completely portable. Great for martial arts like Taekwondo & Karate.

These mats are available in 4 colors:
• Green
• Blue
• Red
• Black
• Yellow

economics value puzzle mats
Reversible blue/red, yellow/green & black/grey mats

These mats are available in many differents thickness
and puzzle shapes :


Each mat is double-sided (red / blue) and every
order comes complete with border strips.

The 20mm and 25mm are great for Taekwondo and Karaté while the 38mm and 40mm are mostly used for Jujitsu, grappling, MMA and sometimes for small children judo classes.


Our brand new black/gray and a green/yellow 25mm reversible puzzle mats has just arrived.


2 color reversible karate mats20mm & 40mm reversible puzzle mats
Prices and Quote request

Regular retail price per unit:

• 20mm puzzle mats "single color and reversible":
  Starting at 21.99$

• 25mm reversible puzzle mats various colors*: 24.99$

• 40mm reversible puzzle mats "blue/red": 44.99$

*Red/Blue, Black/gray and Yellow/Green.

We offer special price for buying in large quantity or and for schools and dojo.
Ask for a quote with or without transport:

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You can use the Gill Sports Mat Designer to build your dojo and create a quote for tatamis orders:

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