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The skills of mastering Judo.Introducing forward techniques and techniques to the rear. There are three important things. 1.Jolt the opponent’s head. Shake it left and right. Depending on this, you make also make the opponent walk 2.Which leg supports the opponent’s weight? 3.Come forward. Walking while pulling out, come forward. Even for rear throws, just walk. Even when going in deeply, only face forward. just walk. The most important point is roundness. Find the round object, create space for you to enter into. It does not matter if its small, there is roundness somewhere. It can be said that judo is a scramble against time, balance and your opponent .

Length: 103min.
Languages: Japanese with English and French subtitles
Format: DVD NTSC
Other Info: All Region DVD
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Disc 1:
-How to hold
-Seoi Nage
Carrying with the Legs/Hikite-The Pulling Hand/The Muscles of the Pulling Hand/Tsurite-Lapel Hand/Uchikomi-Fitting In/Putting Together Both Hands for Seoinage/Ippon Seoinage-One-Arm Carry/Opposite Side Ippon Seoinage/Opposite Ippon Seoinage Pulling Hand/The Back/Low Seoinage/The Direction of the Throw
-Tai Otoshi?
Going Around and Cutting In Tai Otoshi/Tai Otoshi with a Released Lapel Hand
-Harai Goshi
Turning Harai Goshi
-Uchi Mata
Two-Step Entry Uchi Mata?One-Step Entry Uchi Mata/Rotating Uchi Mata/Hopping Uchi Mata
-Kouchi Gari
Breaking Balance to the Rear/Reaping Leg/Dynamic Entry/Coordinating the Hands and Feet/Fit-ins?Pursuing Kouchigari
-Ouchi Gari
How to Reap the Weight Bearing Leg/Shifting the Bodyweight to the Leg not Being Reaped?How to Reap/Fit-ins?Pursuing Ouchigari
-Kosoto Gari
Shifting the Balance to the Leg you are Reaping/Shifting the Weight to the Leg Not Being Reaped/Fit-ins/Reaping Two Legs
-Osoto Gari
Lapel Hand/Osoto Gari Counter/Luring in for the Osoto Gari/Fit-ins
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