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The skills of mastering Judo.
The variations of techniques is infinite. If everyone’s reach is different then everyone’s level is also different. Power is different, speed is different.In every respect the pursuit of judo techniques is infinite.This is the also part of the interest of judo.While training everyday, a man investigates various things and think about them.This is the interest of judo.

Length: 112min.
Languages: Japanese with English and French subtitles
Format: DVD NTSC
Other Info: All Region DVD
Price: 5,600JPY
-Ashi Barai
Okuri Ashi Barai?Okuri Ashi Barai Fit-ins?De Ashi Barai?Tsubame Gaeshi?Tsubame Gaeshi One-man Fit-ins
-Tsurikomi Ashi
Sasae Tsurikomi?Ashi?Harai tTsurikomi Ashi
Methods for Breaking Balance/Ways of Sitting/Throwing to the lapel hand side/Finding roundness/Employing the Legs/Fit-Ins
-Linking Techniques
-Left and Right Transitions
Seoi Nage to Seoi Nage/Ippon Seoi Nage/Seoi Nage to Opposite Ippon Seoi Nage/Seoi Nage to Sode Tsurikomi Goshi/Kouchi Gari/Ouchi Gari/Kouchi Gari/Ouchi Gari One-man Fit-ins/Ouchi GariOsoto Gari/Left to Right Uchi Mata
-Front to Back Transitions
Shaking the Head/Kouchi Gari-Seoi Nage (General Front Techniques)/Ouchi Gari to Seoi Nage/Kosoto Gari to Seoi Nage/Kosoto Gari to Rotational Techniques
-Up Down Transitions
High Seoi n Nage to Low seoi Nage/Uchi Mata to Tai Otoshi/Uchi Mata to Tomoe Nage
-Front - Front Transitions
Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi to Seoi Nage/Ways to Create Roundness/Hopping Uchi Mata to Harai Goshi/The Pulling Hand from Same Grip
-Broken Grips
Okueri to Seoi Nage/Ippon Seoi Nage by Taking the Pulling Hand when in Opposing Grips/Broken Grip Ouchi Gari/From Opposing Grips Executing Techniques while Going for the Pulling Hand
-Single Hand Techniques
Kouchi Gari When you don’t have the Pulling Hand/Ouchi Gari and Kosoto Gari when you don’t have the Pulling Hand/Seio Gyaku Otoshi
-Linking Techniques Practical Applications
Tying Together the Techniques?Fit-ins/Points to Pay Attention when Connecting Techniques
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