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Attacks in newaza can be done from four different positions such as against Kame (turtle), 2. from Kame, 3. from Hikikomi (pull-down), and 4. against Hikikomi (when pulled down).In this DVD,showing you how to let techniques flow one after another.Torii has developed many original techniques not only in Tachiwaza but also in Newaza.

Length: 95min.
Languages: Japanese with English and French subtitles
Format: DVD NTSC
Other Info: All Region DVD
Price: 5,600JPY
-Attacks against Kame(tutle) from behindT
-Yoko-Shiho-Gatame (Side Hold-Down) with your opponent's hand trapped
-How to turn your oppoment over
-How to trap your opponent's hand and control their upper body
-How to get your leg out of Niju-Garami (Leg Trap)
-Attacks from Ushiro-Sankaku-Jime (Triangular Strangle)
-Hold-Downs using your opponent's Gi
-Advantages of using Gi
-Roll over into Kuzure-Kesa-Gatame (Scarf Hold)
-Transitions of techniques (Set-ups)
-Rolling Juji-Gatame (Cross Armlock)
-How to break your opponent's grip
-How to roll your opponent over
-Transitions from other techniques
-Upside-Down Take-Shiho-Gatame grabbing your opponent's belt
-Attacks aagainst Kame (turtle) from te side
-Trapping your opponent's arms
-Trap your opponent's arms and leg
-How to roll your opponent over
-Obi-Tori-Gaeshi (Belt Grab Reversal)
-Turn over trapping your opponent's leg
-Trap both of your opponent's legs
-Folding your opponent's legs
-Attack from Hara-Gatame (Stomach Armlock)
-Juji-Gatame (Cross Armlock) trapping your opponent's legs
-Attacks against Kame (turtle) from the front
-Attack from Yoko-Sankaku-Jime (Side Triangular Strangle)
-Turn your opponent over to the other side
-Stretch out your opponent
-Turn over trapping opponent's arm (like Obi-Tori-Gaeshi)
-Turn overs
-To avoid counters
-Sit your opponent up wringing Yoko-Shiho-Gatame (Side Hold-Down)
-Sit your opponent up (grabbing inside of your opponent’s Gi)
-When you can't push your opponent down
-In case attacked from behind when on all fours
-How to get his back
-Ude-Garami (Entangled Armlock) and Ushiro-Kesa-Gatame (Reverse Scarf Hold)
-Get their back as soon as you can
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