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These scenes, based on his experience as an athlete and as a coach, are technical explanations focusing on Kumite and Ashi Waza.Ashi Waza applied to your own Kumite and the opponent’s Kumite - Please study with a focus on the best times to use them and the best Waza to apply. Rather than preventing the opponent from taking a good point, rather than preventing him from doing Judo, the idea is to be aware of how to quickly enter into a Waza that you’re skilled at and thrown the opponent. This is what’s important in Kumite competition. Ashi Waza allow you to easily apply techniques from various Kumite methods. Please discover how you can quickly get into your own Kumite and unbalance from there, focusing on Ashi Waza,and how you can bring your own favorite techniques to the situation.

Length: 90min.
Languages: Japanese with English subtitles
Format: DVD NTSC
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-The Kumite of Champions
The way of thinking about Kumite
How to grapple in Ai Yotsu
Instantly grip with both hands
When the opponent grabs the inner lapel
When the lapel hand is lowered
How to grapple with an opponent facing the side
Grappling with an opponent in a variation:1
Grappling with an opponent in a variation:2
Grappling with an opponent in Kenka Yotsu
How to grab the lapel hand
How to grab the pulling hand
When the lapel and sleeve are taken/When the inner lapel is taken
When the opponent covers the lapel
When grappling with a large opponent
-Osoto Gari
Basic Osoto Gari?Ai Yotsu / Hidari Kumi
Applied to an opponent in Hanmi?Ai Yotsu / Hidari Kumi
When the opponent brings his chin down?Ai Yotsu / Hidari Kumi
Take the lapel and apply?Ai Yotsu / Hidari Kumi
Applying the Uchi Mata / Harai Goshi step?Ai Yotsu / Hidari Kumi
Applied in Kenka Yotsu
-Ouchi Gari
Basic Ouchi Gari?Ai Yotsu / Hidari Kumi
Holding the inner lapel?Ai Yotsu / Hidari Kumi
Applied in Kenka Yotsu
-Kosoto Gari
Basic Kosoto Gari?Kenka Yotsu
Applying it with an Incomplete the pulling hand?Kenka Yotsu
Applied in Ai Yotsu
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