Shin Kyokushin Karate
An Introduction to Karate Vol.1
by Kenji Midori
and the highest ranking instructors

This features the most advanced techniques of Full-Contact Karate including lessons from the president of Shinkyokushinkai-Kenji Midori.This is also the first DVD to Shin Kyokushin Karate that has an English subtitled comprehensive introduction. No formal techniques.Only competition variations.

Length: 120min.
Languages: Japanese with English subtitles
Format: DVD NTSC
Other Info: All Region DVD

(Instruction by Kunihiro Suzuki)
- Kamae from Sanchi Dachi
- Confirming the details of Kamae
- Basics of First Contact
- Against a defensive opponent
- Against a offensive opponent
- Against a larger opponent
- Against a smaller opponent
- Against an orthodox style opponent
- Against a southpaw style opponent
- Seiken Zuki
- Shita Zuki
- Chudan Mawashigeri
(Instruction by Kazuhito Yamada)
- Increasing Punching Speed
- Double Punches
- Moving on an axis and striking
- Counter punch against low kick
- Counter punch against straight punch to the chest
- Counter punch with fending off the opponent's knee kick
- Kicking with the same body movement to punch
(Instruction by Kanemitsu Nozomi)
- Maegeri from the front leg
- Maegeri from the back leg
- Finishing with a Maegeri
- Fake Mawashigeri to Chudan Maegeri
- Inside lowkick to Axekick
(Instruction by Kenji Midori)
- Two straight punch to Jodan Mawashigeri
- Two straight punch to Chudan Mawashigeri
(Special Program No.1)
- Various ways of training
(Special Program No.2)
- An Interview with president Kenji Midori
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