Shin Kyokushin Karate
An Introduction to Karate Vol.2
by Kenji Midori
and the highest ranking instructors

''Born to be the strongest ''Shinkyokushi Karate instructional series Vol.2.High level training from the highest ranking instructors including lessons from the president of Shinkyokushinkai-Kenji Midori.

Length: 100min.
Languages: Japanese with English subtitles
Format: DVD NTSC
Other Info: All Region DVD

(Instruction by Norichika Tsukamoto)
- Three axes
- Center plane
- Kamae with your front leg side arm access
- Secret of ''Mach Geri''
- Mawashigeri with the front leg
- Mawashigeri without stepping
- Mawashigeri with stepping
- Gedan Mawashigeri with the front leg
- Gedan Mawashigeri with the right front leg to Uchi Mawashigeri
- Kick sfter one step on purpose
- Secret of Domawashi Kaitengeri
- Domawashi Kaitengeri after creating a distance
- Domawashi Kaitengeri after parrying opponent's Maegeri
(Instruction by Roman Nesterenko)
- Make opponent off the balance by Gedan Mawashigeri followed by Ushiro Mawashigeri
- Maegeri followed by Jodan Hizageri
- Jodan Mawashigeri followed by Seiken Zuki
- Uchioroshi Zuki followed by Nidan Hizageri
(Instruction by Kenta Mori)
- Kicking after grabbling your trouser bottom
- Irregular Tobi Mawashigeri
- Jodan Hizageri after blocking the opponent's one-two punch
- Nidan Maegeri followed by Jodan Hizageri
(Instruction by Tsuyoshi Takezawa)
- Left Seiken Zuki followed by Right Shita Zuki
- Shift the attack depending on the opponent's Kamae
- Fake Kick followed by Tsuki
(Instruction by Kenji Midori)
- Shita Zuki followed by Uchioroshi Zuki
- Uchioroshi Zuki followed by Shita Zuki
- Tsuki after parrying the opponent's Tsuki at an angle.
- Fake Shita Zuki followed by Shita Zuki
- Jumping in and throwing a volley of punches
(Special Program No.1)
- Training variation-Balance ball training/Footwork training with the image of having a tail
(Special Program No.2)
- An Interview with president Kenji Midori
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