Yoshinkan Aikido: The Complete set of Techniques.

Sadateru Arikawa was born in Tokyo 1930 and entered the Aikikai,1947,becoming the direct disciple of Morihei Ueshiba. Due to the severity of his training,he was called ''Killer'' and ''Demon''.Also, beginning with Aikido,he was also a researcher of data on Budo/Kobudo, and a collector,possessing many photographs and videos of Morihei Ueshiba.As an Aikido authority,he witnessed the development of Aikido after the war, but didn’t like to be on center stage.He was also an influential person, behind the scenes, when it came to the truth of Aikido. After the death of Arikawa Shihan, Enku Yasunari Toyosaki was bequeathed with the great amount of material that Arikawa Shihan had collected.2003 the Goshinjutsu Aikido Genshinkan was founded.Following the will of Arikawa Sadateru he was said to be the most skillful,taking Arikawa’s techniques and expounding on them.

Length: 126min.
Languages: Japanese with English subtitles
Format: DVD NTSC
Other Info: All Region DVD

- Arikawa Sadateru profile
- Toyosaki Enku Nariyasu profile
- Arikawa Sadateru Embu
- Technical Commentary
?Morote Dori Kokyu Ho Ura
?Morote Dori Shiho Nage
?Morote Dori Kokyu Ho Omote
?Omote and Ura
?Morote Dori Kokyu Ho Chukan
?Shomen Uchi Kotegaeshi
?Shomen Uchi Kaiten Nage
?Yokomen Uchi Kokyu Nage Omote
?Yokomen Uchi Ikkyo Omote
?Yokomen Uchi Irimi Nage Omote
?Yokomen Uchi Irimi Nage Ura
?Riai of Stick / Chudan Tsuki Kokyu Nage
?Riai of Sword / Shomen Uchi Kokyu Nage
?Katate Dori / Atemi and Kokyu Nage
?Ushiro Ryote Dori / Ikkyo followed by Osae Waza
?Katate Dori Tenkan
?Katate Dori Sumi Otoshi
?Ryote Dori Kokyu Nage
?Shomen Uchi / Ikkyo followed by Kokyu Nage
?Shomen Uchi / Ikkyo followed by Atemi and Sokumen Irimi Nage
?Shomen Uchi / Ikkyo followed by Gedan Kokyu Nage
- Interview with Kondo Katsuyuki,Honbucho of Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu
- Arikawa Sadateru's Last Embu
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